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Supported by Motion Equity Partners, Banook Group deploys growth strategy with  acquisitions of Keosys and B.Research

Supported by Motion Equity Partners, Banook Group deploys growth strategy with acquisitions of Keosys and B.Research

11 June 2024

Banook Group becomes European leader in technological services for clinical trials and strengthens its activities and global footprint, in central imaging and eCOA (electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment)

Banook Group, global provider of technology and services for clinical trial operators, today announces two strategic acquisitions that enhance its offerings in central imaging and eCOA. Currently a European leader in cardiac safety, Banook brings onboard Keosys, a specialist in central imaging, and B.Research, an eCOA platform based in Australia, to strengthen the Group’s offering and footprint. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Founded in Nancy in 1999, Banook Groupe has been supported since November 2023 by the private equity fund Motion Equity Partners to accelerate its external growth strategy. The Group’s ambition is to become a world leader in technological services for clinical trials, by offering a comprehensive range of services to its clients. Six months after the entry of Motion Equity Partners as majority shareholder, the Group has secured two strategic acquisitions.

By acquiring Keosys and B.Research, the Banook Group becomes a leading technological service provider of clinical trials, with close to 120 employees worldwide and a direct presence in Europe (France, Germany, UK, Italy), North America (USA, Canada) and Asia-Pacific (Australia). The Group is now a key partner for world-renowned pharmaceutical laboratories, biotechnology companies and Contract Research Organizations (CROs).

“With the acquisition of Nabios in Germany in 2021 we secured our leading position in cardiac safety in Europe. We are now strengthening our central imaging activity with Keosys and expanding our offerings with eCOA through B.Research. These acquisitions also enable us to reach a critical size. To continue responding to our client demands, we are focused on accelerating our international development, particularly in the United States, and diversifying our offers. Our priority is to offer excellent and comprehensive service while continuing our innovation efforts to support the health of tomorrow.” said Alexandre Durand-Salmon, CEO of Banook Group.

Based in Nantes since 2001, Keosys is a key player in central imaging with a specialization in oncology. The company is one of the main partners for biotechs and pharmaceutical laboratories assessing the efficacy of drug-candidates. Keosys centralizes and analyses medical images (CT scans, X-rays, PET scans, MRIs, etc.), using its proprietary Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS), Imagys. The company also has an office in New York (representing more than 30% of its activity) and was, until now, owned by the New York family office JMC Investment. All 40 employees, including the management team, will join this new growth project.

“This alliance with Banook was an obvious choice. We are two complementary players with international ambitions operating in the clinical trials market. Together, we can respond to a larger number of client requests and mutualize our efforts to develop our activities in North America. We are delighted to embark on a new stage of our development alongside the Banook team,” stated Arthur Painvin, CEO of Keosys.

Simultaneously, the Group has expanded its service range with the acquisition of B.Research, an eCOA platform based in Australia, acquired from Alira Health.

eCOA is a key service offering in clinical trials, with growing demand worldwide. The B.Research platform is extremely comprehensive, offering all eCOA services within a modern, intuitive interface. The technology enables the digitalization of clinical data generated by patients. The collected data is usually qualitative information to assess the impact of the drug-candidate on the patient beyond vital functions. It provides Banook with a new dedicated software platform to meet the growing demand from its clients. With the majority of its staff in Sydney (Australia), the acquisition of B.Research will also enable Banook to develop a commercial team dedicated to the Asia-Pacific region.

“Our ambition for Banook Group is to create a world leader in technological services for clinical trials, through a strategy of external growth that we have been implementing since our entry. We are proud to support Banook Group’s transformation with these two strategic acquisitions. The Group is changing scale and is well positioned to accelerate its international development, particularly in the United States” said Cédric Rays and Anthony Baudoin, Partners at Motion Equity Partners.

About Keosys
Founded in 2001 and based in Nantes, France, Keosys is a specialist in the centralization of medical images to assess drug efficacy in international clinical trials, from phase I to IV. Keosys covers a wide range of imaging categories (including echocardiography, radiography, CT, PET scan and MRI) and therapeutic areas, with specific expertise in oncology. Keosys’ activities are based on a proprietary CTMS and central imaging platform, Imagys, which combines a data management/centralization tool and an image visualization system. Headed by Arthur Painvin since 2020 and with 40 employees, the company is a key partner for pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

About B.Research
B.Research is a platform offering eCOA/ePRO services to support patients in clinical trials. B.Research’s technology is based on a software with functionalities enabling sponsors or CROs to distribute eCOA/ePRO surveys to patients based on the symptoms they wish to monitor. The B.Research platform offers all eCOA services, from ePRO to eConsent, as well as a platform to capture data from wearable devices (connected watches, wristbands, etc.).

About Banook Group
Founded in Nancy in 1999, Banook is a cardiac safety central provider specialized in the centralization of cardiac data derived from electrocardiograms (ECG) and central imaging within clinical trials. Banook relies on a network of renowned Key Opinion Leaders and a CTMS (Atrium) that ensures secured and automated data centralization. Banook serves as a key partner for pharmaceutical laboratories, biotechnology companies and generalist Contract Research Organizations (CROs) in conducting their clinical trials. While historically based in Nancy, Banook has gradually expanded internationally, with a presence in Canada and Germany following the acquisition of the Munich-based company Nabios Gmbh in 2021 and the opening of an office in Boston in 2022. The team of approximately 70 professionals is led by Alexandre Durand-Salmon.