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Olmix reinforces its Animal Care business with the acquisition of brazilian biotech company Yes Sinergy

Olmix reinforces its Animal Care business with the acquisition of brazilian biotech company Yes Sinergy

10 July 2023

Olmix Group, a global specialist of natural solutions for agriculture, announces the acquisition of the Brazilian biotech company Yes Sinergy, specialized in natural additives for animal nutrition and welfare.

Olmix is a global company specialized in developing, producing and distributing high-value biosourced solutions for livestock and crop farming. With more than 30 years of experience in the sector, the company has established itself as a specialist in marine biotechnology and green chemistry. Today, Olmix offers an innovative and recognized range of products based on algae, clays, trace elements, and organic matter. These products address two main markets: “Animal Care” (natural solutions for animal nutrition and health, with a focus on improving animal welfare and hygiene, reduce mycotoxin risks, and improve digestive efficiency) and “Plant Care” (natural solutions to improve soil structure, plant nutrition and health, while reducing the use of chemical inputs and phytosanitary products). Through its range of high-quality end-products and ingredients, the Group is a preferred partner of farmers, distributors, and farm supply manufacturers worldwide, enabling smart and sustainable agriculture.

Founded in 2008 in Brazil, Yes Sinergy draws on more than 15 years of R&D aimed at adding-value to by-products of the sugar-cane industry. As a result of all this work carried out in close cooperation with Brazilian universities and world-class researchers, the Group is now recognized as a specialist in the selection and production of high-value derivates of natural extracts. Its portfolio of innovative solutions aims at preventing the adverse effects of mycotoxins, improving digestive comfort, preventing contamination by pathogens and stimulating the immune responses while reducing the use of antibiotics for both livestock and pet.

The combination of Olmix and Yes Sinergy marks a new milestone in the development of Olmix’s Animal Care Business Unit. Through this acquisition, Olmix Group reaffirms its international ambitions and positions itself as a leader of biosourced solutions for agriculture, now achieving more than €200 million in revenue, including nearly €150 million in animal nutrition, health, and welfare.

Robert Clapham, Olmix Group CEO, commented: “The acquisition of biotech company Yes Sinergy is fully in line with the Animal Care Business Unit’s growth plans. I’m convinced that under the leadership of Mickael Rouault, who recently arrived at the head of this business, the two teams’ combined expertise and skills will stimulate innovation and the growth of our biosourced solutions The Group now has a global presence spanning Europe, Asia and Latin America, and the Animal Care Business Unit’s revenues are spread evenly across these three areas.”

“We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of Yes Sinergy, a structuring build-up for Olmix Group, marking the company’s first international acquisition since our investment. This is a unique opportunity for Olmix to complement its range of natural solutions, particularly in the pet food market, and accelerate its development in Latin America, one of the most dynamic agricultural markets. This acquisition comes on top of the strong organic growth of the Group over the past three years,” said Patrick Eisenchteter, Managing Partner at Motion Equity Partners.