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Olmix continues its development with the integration of the french biotech company Bois Valor

Olmix continues its development with the integration of the french biotech company Bois Valor

6 February 2023

Olmix Group, global specialist in natural solutions for agriculture, has finalized the acquisition of the French biotech company Bois Valor, expert in foliar biostimulants and seed treatment solutions, in order to strengthen its Plant Care activity and accelerate its development.

Olmix is a global player in natural solutions, alternatives to chemical and pharmaceutical inputs, used in agriculture. Since nearly 30 years, the company has established itself as a specialist in marine biotechnology and green chemistry and offers today a comprehensive range of innovative and recognised products, based on algae, clays, trace elements and organic matter, for two main markets: “Animal Care” (natural solutions used in animal nutrition and health, aiming to reduce antibiotics and chemical products) and “Plant Care” (natural solutions to improve soil structure, nutrition and plant health; aiming at reducing the use of chemical and phytopharmaceutical inputs). Olmix products are distributed in more than 100 countries on 5 continents, via distributors and cooperatives, and the group relies on a network of 28 international locations.

After 15 years of academic and scientific research and the development of a patent related to a specific extraction process, Dr Marie Morard created Bois Valor in 2004, a French biotech company specialized in the extraction of active ingredients from wood and plants, and the development of biostimulants for plants and film coating for seeds. Its biosourced solutions, tested and validated by numerous experiments and scientific publications, supply the international leaders in plant protection, biostimulants and seeds.

With this acquisition, Olmix intends to accelerate the growth of its Plant Care business by consolidating its portfolio of biosourced solutions targeting soil and plant health as well as seed protection. This merger is the result of a common vision shared by the two companies as well as shared values based on an entrepreneurial spirit, a scientific approach to knowledge and the importance of innovation for productive and sustainable agriculture. Following the integration of Bois Valor, the group will keep actively looking at acquisition and partnership opportunities, in France and abroad.

After three years of double-digit organic growth, Olmix has made its first acquisition with the integration of Bois Valor, a company that has developed a quality offer and significant know-how, which is perfectly complementary to the Olmix’s Plant Care activity. This acquisition strengthens our ambition to become the key player in biostimulation solutions for economically and environmentally efficient agriculture and healthy, high-quality food that is accessible to the greatest number of people,” said Robert Clapham, Olmix’s CEO.

Joining Olmix is a major step for Bois Valor. Deeply inspired by a culture of innovation, our team will be able to rely on an international distribution network and change the scale of deployment of our solutions. We share with Olmix a common vision of the issues surrounding agriculture and food, a belief in the potential of nature and its renewable resources, and innovation as a driving force. These are the main aspects that convinced us to join the Group.“, says Dr Marie Morard, founder of Bois Valor.

We are very proud to announce the acquisition of Bois Valor, Olmix’s first build-up since the entry of Motion Equity Partners. This is a unique opportunity for Olmix to strengthen its Plant Care activity and accelerate the development of its range of biostimulants and ingredients, with the integration of an innovative player who shares the same ambitions for tomorrow’s agriculture. Other attractive build-up opportunities are currently investigated,” said Patrick Eisenchteter, Managing Partner at Motion Equity Partners.