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Motion Equity Partners invests in Olmix Group alongside its Founder

Motion Equity Partners invests in Olmix Group alongside its Founder

28 October 2020

Motion Equity Partners and Amadéite SAS (holding of Hervé Balusson, Olmix’s Founder) have acquired a majority stake in Olmix, a global specialist of natural solutions for sustainable agriculture.

Olmix is an international company specialized in natural solutions for farming, offering sustainable alternatives to chemical and pharmaceutical inputs. Founded in 1995 in Brittany, the Group has turned into one of the world specialists of marine biotechnologies and green chemistry, thanks to its unique expertise in valuing and transforming algae resulting from multiple R&D investments.

Through the development of innovative and recognized natural solutions (based on algae, trace elements, clays and organic matters), the Group supports farmers, breeders and agricultural distribution chains in adapting production models. It addresses two main markets

  • “Animal Care”: solutions to improve animal welfare, nutrition & health, and thus reduce the use of antibiotics and chemical additives;
  • “Plant Care”: solutions to improve soil structure and plant nutrition & health, and thus reduce the use of chemicals.

Olmix’s products are sold in more than 100 countries worldwide through distributors and cooperatives. The Group benefits from a network of 28 implantations and employs 650 people.

« A new era for agriculture has arrived: this new cycle will require more technicity, more naturality and less phytosanitary products, antibiotics or chemical additives. The objective is to produce better with less. For 20 years, Olmix has offered natural, environment- and animal-friendly solutions, allowing farmers and breeders to produce differently, thus responding to these new challenges », stated Hervé Balusson, Olmix’s Founder.

« We are very proud to support this new development stage of Olmix Group, which has dedicated itself to the emergence of a sustainable agriculture. Thanks to our experience with Diana Ingrédients, we will implement a structured roadmap with Hervé Balusson and Olmix’s team » stated Patrick Eisenchteter, Managing Partner at Motion Equity Partners.