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Motion Equity Partners acquires a stake in Axience Group, alongside its Founder

Motion Equity Partners acquires a stake in Axience Group, alongside its Founder

21 February 2024

Motion Equity Partners announces it has acquired a stake in Axience Group, a leading French laboratory specialized in the development and commercialization of veterinary products, alongside its founder and CEO, Laurent Flaus.

Founded in 2001, the Group develops and commercializes pharmaceutical and OTC products primarily for pets, under its two brands Axience and Anidev.

The Group offers a comprehensive product range in its historical segments, covering all the needs of veterinarians. In particular:

  • Axience is specialized in the development of pharmaceutical products, notably well-known in the following segments: (i) analgesics and anesthetics, on which Axience is the market leader, (ii) prevention and control of infections with a leading range of antibiotics and hygiene disinfection solutions for veterinary clinics.
  • Anidev is the brand of the Group specialized in OTC products that complement Axience’s product portfolio.

The Group usually targets under-addressed market segments yet essential to the daily needs of veterinarians, with a strategic approach by therapeutic area and a focus on innovation and commercial revitalization. Axience products are primarily tailored for pets and addresses to a lesser extent livestock.

To ensure the highest standards of quality and safety, the Group exclusively outsources its production to European manufacturers with whom it has long-standing relationships. As a true innovation platform, Axience develops internally most of its products and distributes them to 6,500 veterinary clinics across France through its on-field sales force composed of 25 technical sales representatives. In recent years, Axience has concluded several partnerships facilitating the distribution of its products in Europe, which represents a new growth opportunity for the Group in the future.

Positioned on highly dynamic and resilient markets driven by macro trends such as the increasing humanization of pets, Axience ambitions to strengthen its position and become the leading vet specialist laboratory in Europe.

« Over the recent years, Axience has initiated numerous strategic projects and recorded a very dynamic growth. Motion Equity Partners will support us in materializing all these projects, as well as structuring our approach to pursue the development of the Group. This collaboration will also open up new growth opportunities for us, with notably the aim to develop our presence in Europe. The partnership with Motion Equity Partners was quickly concluded and easily implemented. This does augur for an efficient and pleasant future collaboration! » stated Laurent Flaus, Founder and CEO of Axience.

Leveraging our knowledge of the animal health market, which is an attractive segment experiencing strong growth, we identified Axience as one of the very successful businesses in the sector. In recent years, the Group has established itself as a key partner for veterinarians, offering recognized and innovative solutions. And we are confident that Axience has built strong foundations that the Group will leverage to serenely pursue its development.” said Patrick Eisenchteter and Anthony Baudoin, Partners at Motion Equity Partners.