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Motion EP supports the first employee shareholding plan of Tournaire Group

Motion EP supports the first employee shareholding plan of Tournaire Group

31 May 2024

Following its ambitious ESG policy, Motion EP supported the Tournaire Group in its first employee shareholding plan, a unique opportunity for all workforce members to become Group shareholders.

This operation, initiated by Group President Vincent Monziols, employee representatives and Motion EP, aims to unite all Group employees around a common corporate project and to share future value creation.

A significant success

As part of this campaign, Tournaire offered all its employees working in France – more than 250 people in all – the opportunity to become shareholders of the Group. A singular commitment rewarded by strong employee support, as 76% of employees chose to become Group shareholders.

The proposed mechanism takes the form of a Fonds Commun de Placement d’Entreprise (FCPE) and offers preferred subscription conditions to all employees, including a substantial matching contribution from the Group.

A win-win system

Through this approach, employees are fully involved in the Group’s growth ambitions, which aim to consolidate its leading position in its historical markets and to accelerate its development internationally and in high-potential markets.

Tournaire’s decision to open up its capital is also designed to involve its employees on a long-term basis in the company’s value creation, by giving them a full stake in the project’s success, and to strengthen the company’s corporate culture.

« I am delighted and proud of the success of this first employee shareholding plan, a project that makes a great deal of sense for our company and our employees. The excellent participation rate demonstrates the mutual trust between employees and the company, and underlines the strong desire of our teams to play an active part in the Group’s development. As a result of this operation, each employee will be able to benefit from the fruits of his labor and be directly involved in the creation of future value.», declares Vincent Monziols, President of Tournaire Group.

« This successful initiative is perfectly in line with the ambitious CSR strategy we are pursuing with Vincent and his team. Opening up the Group’s capital is a positive and inclusive way of getting all employees involved in a common project. This is fully in line with our approach as a responsible investor whose ambition is to reconcile economic development, social progress and reduced environmental impact. We are proud to have been able to set up this scheme. » underlines Patrick Eisenchteter, Founding Partner of Motion Equity Partners, which has become the Group’s reference shareholder in September 2022 alongside the Tournaire family.