Responsible Investment

Our Commitment

As a long-term investor in growing businesses, Motion Equity Partners has always been particularly sensitive to any factors that might affect, positively or negatively, the performance of its investments.

To this end, we are convinced that an efficient management of Environmental, Social and Governance issues at every stage of our investment process will improve the performance of our portfolio companies, improve their risk profile as well as generate new growth opportunities, and in the end create sustainable value for all stakeholders.

Our Approach

In order to formalise and reinforce its commitment to ESG issues, Motion Equity Partners has defined a structured approach which guides its actions at every stage of the investment cycle (acquisition, development and exit phases). Our commitment is embodied in a dedicated ESG Charter:

  • We commit to incorporate ESG issues in our investment process
  • We commit to actively incorporate ESG issues in our ownership practices
  • We commit to be transparent with our investors on ESG practices and performance
  • We commit to continuously raise ESG awareness and develop the ESG skills of our teams


Chain of stores specialized in pet products.

ESG impact of Motion Equity Partners

Under Motion Equity Partners’ guidance, the Management team has put a clear emphasis on social and environmental issues, in particular on the sustainable sourcing of products and on energy optimisation within its network of stores. In 2015, Arcaplanet has formalized this commitment with the definition of a code of ethics and the issue of its first ESG report.