Partnering with Motion

Our mission: backing management teams with ambitious projects

We back ambitious management teams who want to enhance the growth prospects of their business in circumstances such as:

  • International expansion, in Europe and beyond
  • Making acquisitions and integrating them (“Buy and Build”)
  • Setting up operational improvement plans
  • Managing high growth situation in booming markets
  • Succession in a family business

Our value-added: we bring more than capital

In order to help businesses develop and grow, not only do we provide our team’s in-depth expertise, but we also make a large scope of resources available:

  • Strategic: Motion Equity Partners acts as a strategic support to fuel growth. We foster growth through strong emphasis on innovation, penetration of promising segments, channels and/or geographies
  • Financial / M&A: Motion Equity Partners acts as a M&A advisor to execute an ambitious external growth strategy to widen the companies’ operations scope and leverage on operational synergies
  • Operational: at Management’s request we can mobilise a network of experts and business executives able to bring their experience and in-depth expertise of a specific sector

A unique international DNA & build-up expertise

We have an extensive track record of supporting companies in their international development strategy through both organic and external growth.

During the last decade, we have completed over 40 operations , most of them cross-border, for our portfolio companies.

Motion Equity Partners benefits from a vast European network of intermediaries and advisors (financial, legal, environmental, etc.) with whom our team has worked regularly.

Opening of subsidiaries or plants
External growth operations
Portfolio companies managed
Direct build-up experience

2 build-ups & 5 site creations in North America

3 build-ups & 3 site creations in South America

6 build-ups & 4 site creations in Asia